Monday Ministry Report – March 17, 2014 (by Chris Waye)

✪ This past week, Travis and I spent a good deal of time looking for potential meeting places for the church plant.  Aside from how expensive everything seems to be, the most difficult issue we are coming across is finding a place that is zoned properly for use as a church.  We know that God will open a door in His timing, so just pray that we will have wisdom and patience as we continue to look.

✪ I was able to spend more time with my driving instructor this week.  Pray for Livy, that his heart would be open and receptive to the Gospel.

✪ We were invited to the home of an Indian family earlier last week that has lived here in London for the last 40 years.  They have a real heart for God and a desire to see Him work in this city.  We very much enjoyed their fellowship and learned a lot about life here in London.

✪ Pray for a man that is a part of the church we have been attending.  He is a younger man with a family, a believer, that has a burden to see more young men discipled and trained for the work of God here.  Young men that are hungry for the Word and the work of God seems to be a rare thing in this country.  Pray for more men like this that would be able to spread across this place with the Gospel.

✪ Most churches that we see here are mostly filled with women.  We are thankful for the faithful few that have remained, but we are asking God to give us men that we can train.  The Biblical model that Jesus gave us was to train faithful men, that would in turn, train faithful men.  May God raise up a generation of men that would be faithful to the Word and make a lasting impact here.  Please pray with us that more men would step up to the challenge.

✪ Saturday we were able to get out and do some mass evangelism.  Pray that the Holy Spirit would convict and that people would trust Jesus.

✪ We enjoyed spending time with Pastor Martin Wickens as he finished out his missions conference yesterday.  I am excited to see how God is using him here in his country to reach out not only to his Jerusalem, but to the uttermost as well.  Pray for more pastors like this man to be raised up here.


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