Monday Ministry Report – March 10, 2014 (by Chris Waye)

✪ This past week we spent a great deal of time looking for meeting places for the new church plant.  It is looking to be far more difficult and more expensive than we had expected.  Property is at a premium here, and anything semi-affordable is not zoned properly for a church meeting place.  Continue to pray for the Lord to open the right door in the right time.

✪ We are starting to get a good feel for the community we live in the surrounding areas.  London is basically made up of dozens of small towns a villages that seem to just connect and go on and on forever.

✪ I found out the hard way that buying a car here is much different than in the States.  Fortunately, the first car is now sold, although at less than what I paid for it, and we now are back on the road with a much more reliable vehicle.  Put that one down in the stupid tax column… (fellow Dave Ramsey listeners will know what I mean)

✪ Speaking of cars, Sherry goes for her second day of driving lessons today.  New side of the car, new side of the road, heavy traffic everywhere, manual transmission for the first time.  Needless to say she is a bit nervous, but she is doing great with it so far.

✪ Pray for a man named Livy.  He is my driving instructor and he is lost.  When I told him what I was doing here and began to explain why, he quickly let me know that he was not interested and that I had come to the most cynical people in all the world.  Whether his statement is true or not, I don’t know, but I do know that they need Jesus.  Pray for him and others like him that have been burned by “the church” before as he said he had as a young person.

✪ I am finding that there are churches everywhere here.  Now before you say “well why are you there then”, let me explain.  Seemingly on every corner there is a pentecostal or prosperity gospel church that has popped up and settled into one of the nearby community centers.  It can easily give the impression that this city is over-churched, and though it may be, it certainly is not over-Gospeled.  So much false hope has been sown into the daily fabric of society here, I do begin to wonder if Livy might just be right about his claims of a cynical people.  Pray that we might be able to break down these barriers with the one true Gospel.


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