Monday Ministry Report – First Two Weeks on the Field (by Chris Waye)

✪ We left for London two weeks ago, and as busy as it was when we left, we have not slowed down much at all.

✪ We have spent the last two weeks setting up our home, finding a car and just getting to know our way around a bit.

✪ This weekend we drove up to Brimpton and enjoyed our time with Pastor Martin Wickens and his family.  It was great to just talk to him and learn much about culture here in England and get a better understanding of the spiritual state here.  I was very encouraged to see how the Lord is using the Wickens family.

✪ The Snodes have been such a huge help to us.  Even in a modern, English speaking country, I can’t imagine having to do all that we have had to do in the last two weeks alone.  They have gone above and beyond to make our transition here as smooth as possible.

✪ This city is much larger and spread out than I could have imagined.  Even though I have been here several times before, living here puts a new perspective on things.  Everywhere you look and go, there are just multitudes of people.

✪ The cost of living here is incredible.  With the weak Dollar to Pound exchange rate, and the high cost of London living, money seems to just fly out of your wallet here.

✪ People are very friendly everywhere we have been so far.  Please pray that as friendly as they are, they would more importantly be receptive to the Gospel.

✪ Pray that God would begin to prepare men that we might be able to train for the ministry here.

✪ Sherry and the kids have adapted very well so far.  They are really enjoying our new home here and seem to just fit right in.

✪ This week Travis and I will be working on finding a meeting place to begin holding Bible studies and church services.  Please pray for God to guide us and grant us wisdom.



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