Monday Ministry Report – December 23, 2013 (by Chris Waye)

✪ Although without the family, I had a great day yesterday up in Ohio and Michigan.  I was able to present the ministry at Vandalia Baptist Temple in the morning and Cornerstone Baptist Church in the evening.

✪ I went to our 290th church yesterday, and though we have been to nearly 40 states, it was the first time in Michigan for us.

✪ Last week we celebrated our daughters 7th birthday.  Thanks to all that sent her cards and well wishes, she was very excited to get her own mail.

✪ On Sunday, our youngest will turn 2 years old.

✪ Today I will fly back home and get ready for Christmas with the family.  We will enjoy our last one in the States for a while.

✪ Continue to pray for us as we are getting ready for our move to London.  We have much to do in the several weeks and are working to make the best of our time in the last days.

✪ Check out the London Surveys that Travis Snode has put together.  He has spent countless hours pouring over the city to get a better handle on what is going on and where the greatest needs are at.

✪ We leave for London in 51 days!


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