Monday Ministry Report – December 16, 2013 (by Chris Waye)

✪ Yesterday we were in South Carolina all day.  We enjoyed being with Carolina Baptist in the morning andNew Hope Baptist in the evening.

✪ Last week we began the process of cleaning out our house and getting rid of stuff we can’t take with us to the field.

✪ It is amazing how much stuff piles up over 9 years of marriage, we have made a lot of memories.

✪ We were able to sell a good deal of stuff on craigslist to further save for our set up fund.  Visit our set up fund page if you would like to help towards it.

✪ Check out our latest prayer letter in case you missed it.

✪ The Summit starts in just over 2 weeks!  It is not too late to register, get signed up today!

✪ Check out the latest update from our co-laborers, the Snodes, and pray for all that they have going on.

✪ On Thursday, our daughter Linden will turn 7 years old, time is flying by!

✪ We leave for London in 58 days!


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