Missionaries of the OT: God (by Ben Johnson)

Many people think that missions is only a New Testament concept. The thought is that before the Great Commission was given by Jesus, missions did not exist. God’s concern, therefore, was only on the Jewish people. Yet, as popular as the thinking may go, it is simply not true.

God has always been concerned with everyone in the world. God is a missionary God and His book, the Bible, is a missionary book. To remove missions from the Bible is to destroy the Bible. In order to help show how the bible begins and ends with missions, I am going to highlight missionaries of the Old Testament. To begin, we must start with the first and greatest missionary: God.

As you may already know, God made everything perfect in the beginning. Then as the story goes on, man sins and everything is ruined. Yet, in the Garden of Eden, God shows His missionary heart as He comes down in search of the very first human sinners.

God did not wait for man to call out to Him. He went to them. Not as an enemy, which He rightfully could have done, but as a friend. Just as a missionary will go to a foreign land to tell sinners that they might be saved, God came to man in the garden to do the same. He has always been seeking and saving that which was lost. The Bible itself is a story of God searching and pursuing man and not as other religions where man must search for God.

Also, when He came down, He went to them with both bad and good news. The bad news was now everything had changed. He showed them that they were sinners but He still loved the. They were now cursed but it wasn’t the end. He gave them a glimpse of His plan. He showed them that there would be a way out, a way to be saved.

God Himself was the One who began the task of missions. He not only gave the command for us to go into all the world, but He began by giving us the example of going. Do not consider for a moment that God is not concerned with all men because He has been since the beginning. Let us then do the same as our God and go to pursue sinful men that they might be saved.


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