Mish Mash Update: First conference of 2014 (by Ben Johnson)

• We were excited to have been in our first conference of 2014!
• Honestly, we were not in a lot of conferences last year
• I am not sure how that happened
• Once again, we are looking to the weather to see what happens this week
• We may try to head up a day early just to miss it since it looks like the weather is clear where our meeting is
• Pray we can get a place to stay
• I saw a map last week showing the population density of China
• About 94% of the population lives in the east
• It makes sense considering the western part of China is mountains an desert
• Our daughter had an ear infection at the conference
• We have been blessed on deputation, this has really only been the second time she has been sick on the road
• We still have two more conferences left for the month
• God is good!


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