• Last week, we were busy!
  • We were in church 6 out of 7 days
  • It was back to back to back missions conferences!
  • It was a wonderful time but it is good to be home and have a meeting close to home
  • I am so thankful for God’s blessings in getting us meetings
  • We know each day is a day closer to China
  • There was another knife attack in China
  • Traveling does make time seem to go by much faster
  • I have truly been blessed with a wonderful wife and daughter
  • Here is the slightly updated version of our ministry video
  • This was an interesting article about cultural adaptation (I apologize for the swear word in it)
  • We actually got to unpack our van completely for the first time since the first of February
  • You meet some great people on deputation
  • We met one man who trained to be a catholic priest but dropped out of seminary, went into the navy, became a mormon, made it all the way up to high priest in the mormon church, until finally he found the truth and put his faith in Christ alone
  • He served as a pastor for many years after that
  • We met another man who grew up in a catholic home and through a series of seemingly random events, put his faith in Christ
  • And it all started when a man on a train gave him a Gospel tract
  • It is amazing what God does!

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