• This seems to be our month of rescheduling
  • All but two of our meetings this month rescheduled for another time
  • Even still, we had some great drop ins
  • Crystal’s surgery went well. She is recovering but each day is getting better.
  • She hates having to stay down. I practically had to tie her down to keep her from doing too much
  • I was amazed when a pastor who we have not met (only had scheduled a meeting with him) called on Thursday to ask how Crystal was!
  • It is amazing how God encourages us
  • We heard a great message on the second coming of Christ tonight!
  • We are moving tomorrow
  • Having taken care of our daughter this week has given me more appreciation for what my wife does
  • As my pastor says, “It takes a special person to be a woman.”
  • Do not be discouraged when no one notices or thanks you for your serving. God sees it and will reward it!
  • I saw today that this year has had 30 mass killings in America… what a depraved world we live in
  • That is actually the around the average since 2006
  • Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus

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