• We have had several reschedules thanks to the snow and ice here
  • We are thankful that we were not stuck out in it
  • I typically like winter but this one, not so much
  • It did remind me that there is a lot of winter gear we need to get for Harbin!
  • Our co-laborers, after finalizing an adoption, have made it back to China
  • Our schedule is nearly full; November and December together have more open services than the rest of the year combined!
  • I can’t believe January is over already
  • We were originally going to be in Louisiana this past Sunday but that changed on Thursday
  • The cold we have experienced lately isn’t fun but then I check the weather in Harbin
  • The low for Tuesday is -42
  • With having all these meetings close to home, it has spoiled us.
  • I don’t know if we will know what to do with ourselves back on longer road trips
  • Almost two-thirds of February we have a church to be in!
  • A missionary friend reminded me to not forget that every day on the road is that much closer to China
  • I have found that filling up 85% of the year is easier than filling the last 15%
  • Right now we have  4 open Sunday nights, 11 open Sunday mornings and 8 open Wednesdays
  • I am excited to see what God does this year!

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