Mish Mash Monday: Home for the Weekend (by Ben Johnson)

• We drove on six straight days last week!
• We were in central and western Virginia
• I really like that part of the country
• But we were able to be home this weekend with church services only am hour from our house
• We were at the church our home church started for their first celebration Sunday
• God blessed and we were apart of some great stuff
• I look forward to seeing what happens there!
• Sunday night we were in a missions month meeting at a church that booked me on Thursday!
• That was a blessing since the week before, the church we were originally scheduled to be in had to cancel
• Now it is up to North Carolina and West Virginia for some meetings
• I really like this quote: “The early church did not say ‘Look at what the world is coming to’ but said ‘Look at what has come into the world!’”


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