Mish Mash Monday: 70 Degrees and Snowing (by Ben Johnson)

• We were in Missouri this Sunday
• Saturday was beautiful, Sunday it was snowing!
• Now we head to Virginia
• Out van has been a tremendous blessing since God provided for it
• It looks like I will be doing our first necessary repair in 62k miles!
• Not too bad considering how much we drive
• God has been good to us!
• I just made it to Jeremiah in my Bible reading
• It is great to see all that God is doing at churches
• It is also sad sometime to hear of the past that hurt the church
• Our coming Sunday meeting has been cancelled, please pray that we will be able to fill it
• I just realized this post won’t come out via e-mail till Tuesday since we are in central time!
• Speaking of time, I still haven’t adjusted to daylight savings time so going back an hour actually feels like the right time
• God is good!


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