May 2014 Prayer Letter (by Ben Johnson)

Dear Praying friends and family,

On Easter Sunday in China, the police visited all three churches in Harbin. They took into custody both the Chinese pastors and our friends and co‐laborers. After two sets of questioning and a few days, they were given the news that they had to leave the country in ten days.

What does that mean for us?

We are still going to China. That has not changed. As a matter of fact, it gives us more of an urgency to get there. We are hoping that because of these events, churches will help by partnering with us so we can get back to China ASAP. There is a great need that just became greater.

Please Pray for the Churches

Our friends left behind four independent churches, several trained Chinese pastors and more who wanted to be pastors. Please pray for them all. They have already shown great strength and resolve in all this, but we know this is a difficult time for them as well.

God is doing Great Things

We know that even in this, God is in ultimate control. It is hard to see what He is doing at times, but we can be assured that He knows what He is doing! We can  also know that He is working it for good!


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