MARCH 2014 Prayer Letter (by Jonathan Marks)
Dear Pastors, Partners, & Praying Friends,
The great need for the Gospel has never been made more abundantly clear as I was privileged to see Japan for myself a few weeks ago.  There were so many amazing things that I saw that I will never forget.  I saw several great buildings, monuments, temples and shrines.  I even got to see Mt. Fuji and look out across the vast city of Tokyo from atop the Tokyo Sky tree, one of the tallest structures in the world. However out of all of the sights I saw, the one that stirred me the most was how wholly given over to idolatry the Japanese people are.  On several occasions I witnessed the people pay money and then pray and sacrifice to their ancestors and their idols.  Ancestors and idols that, sadly, will never come to their aid no matter how hard or often they pray.  It broke my heart to see the Japanese people place their hope and confidence in these things, the wrong things.

How I long to take these people the true hope found only in Christ.  To see more Gospel preaching churches started.  To see Japanese people come to a saving knowledge of Christ.  Only then will they possess what they need. Only then will they find exactly what they are searching so diligently for.

We visited several missionaries who have been serving in Japan for several years.  It was wonderful to see firsthand the fruit God had given them from their labor.  We know it can be done in Japan as we met serval Japanese Christian converts and Japanese Pastors who were leading large churches.  I was very encouraged as I witnessed the Gospel at work in Japan; a place that is indeed very dark and ignorant of the power and reality of Christ’s saving grace and power to change lives.

Please pray for us as we finish up raising our support.  If you have not yet partnered with us monthly it is our earnest prayer that you would do so as soon as possible.  Raising our monthly support level is the only thing left that is keeping us from boarding the plane to this needy country where the fields are truly white unto harvest. I want to extend a very special thank you to everyone who helped us so generously and made this trip a reality. Your gift of love will reap everlasting dividends for Gods glory now and in the days to come. We also want to thank those of you who are giving to our ministry so faithfully every month.  We praise God for you and pray for you often.

Your Missionaries for Japan,
The Marks Family
John 16:33

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