Dear Pastors and Praying Friends,

It is a great honor to serve the God of Heaven! We are amazed at all that He does. God truly is great and greatly to be praised. We are thankful for another month in which God has bountifully supplied all we have needed. We are excited as time ticks by; we get closer and closer to China.

Traveling and Snow

As you may already know, this winter has been a cold and snowy one for us in the Southeast. We have had several weather-related cancellations this past month but we are thankful God has protected us as we have traveled. We have been in Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Ohio and Florida this month at some wonderful churches.

Setup Fund

We are also excited that our setup fund is now at 1.5% of our needed funds. This will be used for when we setup our home and lives in China. It is an expense to move anywhere but especially when you move overseas. This fund must be raised in addition to our support in order for us to leave for China.

Knife Attacks

China has no second amendment like we do in the United States but that does not stop many from hurting others. Over the last few years, knife attacks have popped up more frequently in the news out of China. Just this past week, a group of men in southwest China attacked at a train station. The attack killed several dozen people and injured dozens more. Many would say that the problem is political unrest but the solution for this is the Gospel. Please keep China in your prayers.


In Christ’s Service,

The Johnson Family

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