Dear Praying Friends,

This month I am going to try writing someone else’s prayer letter . Yes, it’s strange, but stick with me!

“This month, Both my wife and I worked full time jobs. We got up early, got our child ready for daycare, packed lunches, kissed each other goodbye, and then drove off in separate cars. I would love for my wife to stay home, but until I can find a better solution than my current full-time job+my 20 extra hours doing side jobs, the bills just won’t allow me. We tried to be a great witness for Christ on the job, and work like we were working for Him. 

We were in church 3 times a week. Honestly there were times when we were tired and didn’t feel like going, but we’ve decided that our family will be plugged in to a local church, and stay under the sound of God’s Word. 

I didn’t preach or teach, besides talking about the Word with my wife, and taking chances God gave me to try to get some small truths about God across to my small child. Not sure how much stuck. 

I made sure that the sound equipment worked right for every service, and I hung a tv in the nursery so that the workers could hear the sermons. 

My financial support level this month was $0. God has provided for our needs, and we gave to support the church and to support missions, because we love Jesus and His Gospel. It was a sacrifice, but I know it was worth it.”

That’s not a glamorous prayer letter, but it’s the kind that could be written by literally thousands of people who represent the 97 churches that faithfully support our ministry in Spain. This is a weird prayer letter, but I wanted you all to know that YOUR ministry is not forgotten, unappreciated, or in vain. It motivates us, humbles us, and liberates us to serve here in Spain.

I can focus on language and culture learning because you work and give out of the spotlight. I can plan for launching a new church, and minister within an existing one without having to find a job here because of you. My wife gets to be at home with our kids in the afternoons after their school and her language studies because you love God’s work.

When Melissa has our first son next month (and maybe earlier), we will be able to get diapers, cribs, and the million other accessories that babies seem to need (exaggeration, but feels like that to men!) because you are giving.

We will be able to distribute Gospel media to people who have never heard what the Gospel is, because you minister to us.

The list could go on and on, but from the Newton family, THANK YOU for your ministry, for your love, your friendship, and your sacrifice. We will keep endeavouring to be a worthy investment that brings forth fruit for God’s Kingdom!

Yours for His Harvest,

The Newtons

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