Major Mistakes of a Missionary #1 of 2


July 9, 2013

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1. Going with a pastor mentality instead of a missionary or world evangelist mentality.  That attitude means starting a church, pastoring the church, and developing it until we are proud of it.


  1. Doing things that nationals cannot reproduce.  Money that we invest, materials that we have
  2. Not training nationals to do the job
  3. Not trusting the nationals
  4. Never developing a strategic plan to reach the city and country. (doing a piece meal work, no plan, no goals)
  5. Turning our work over to a missionary instead of a national worker that we have trained
  6. Getting a defeatist attitude (it won’t work here)



2. We need to get Paul’s attitude about world missions


  1. How did Paul take the Great Commission
  2. Acts 1:8, Mark 16:15
  3. Colossians 1:6, 23
  4. Romans 10:18
  5. I Corinthians 15:34
  6. What time frame did Paul see
  7. Who was the commission given to
  8. What attitude should you take
  9. Romans 15:20
  10. II Corinthians 10:16



3. What is a missionary?

    1. Biblical term is either evangelist or apostle
    2. He is a pioneer
    3. He is a starter
    4. The pastor is the maintainer or finisher
    5. The missionary goes where no man has gone before Romans 15:20, II Corinthians 10:16
    6. He prepares materials
    7. He trains men
    8. He trained those men to train others
    9. He turns the work over to a national




4. Develop a strategic plan for reaching your country


  1. Sit down with a map, statistics, information, and like the general in an army make a plan to reach the entire country, how to impact it
  2. Be careful to realize that the key to success will be how you involve your people in the work.
  3. You will have to build a team of men and women who will help you

1)    Pray in more American workers to help you

2)    Realize that Americans will be few in number and often have bad attitudes

3)    Train your coworkers from nationals you see saved and brought into your ministry

4)    Help them be a success

4. Research your country

1)    Where do the people live

2)    Where are the churches

3)    What kind of churches are they

4)    Where are the folks receptive

5)    Where would be a strategic place to reach the country

6)    What is a method that would enable you to reach the country

 5. Dream great dreams–see large visions, get a vision for reaching your whole country Proverbs 29:18

6. Get a broader vision–everybody wants to do a great work and reach their country but few take the time to plan, pray and really work at reaching the whole country




Part #2 will be in the post tomorrow…


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