Life doesn’t stop


May 25, 2016

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One thing I gleaned from the Veteran Missionaries, the Holts, on our mission trip to Chile is that moves on even on the mission field. Dishes still need to be washed, clothes still need to be folded, kids still go to school, and the list doesn’t end there but you get the point. With all the training and preparing to go to the mission field and reach the people to which we are called life still moves on. Being called to the work of missions does not excuse you from everything else in life, it gets added on top. I am especially reminded of that this week as we celebrate our oldest daughter’s 12th birthday. I feel older each time we "celebrate" each of these. It is only a reminder of the fact that my time to train and guide her to be the Christian Servant that God has called her to be  is getting shorter. It also reminds me of all the children in Argentina whose hearts are growing colder and whose lives are coming to that much closer of an end with no Gospel witness. Our passion to reach our field grows stronger everyday as we prepare to begin deputation this fall and begin traveling in 2017 full time."Lord grant us Your favor and grace as we serve You"

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