Leadership God Places


June 13, 2017

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Deuteronomy 17


1. Is to be obeyed (vs.9-13)

2. Is not to be a stranger, but one of them (vs.15).

3. He is not to make himself rich because of his position (vs.16).

4. He is not to get more wives (vs.17).

5. He is supposed to write himself a copy of the law in a book (vs.18). Proverbs 25:1. Don’t just take the position, write down and learn God’s Word.

6. He is supposed to obey the law, not just write it or read it (vs.19). Doing is always more important than just knowing.

7. He is not to become prideful because that could turn him aside from following God (vs.20). Pride always does that.

8. He will be blessed if he obeys God’s Word (vs.20). Obedience brings blessings. 


The leadership that God places is not to follow the leadership of the world, but God’s plan. God’s leadership is the best leadership. We should do what God says for His leaders to do and we should obey those that God places in our lives.




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