December was a very full but exciting month for me.  God blessed me in some amazing ways.  It was a very busy month that was full of ministry, studies, and time spent visiting family and friends.  I will give you some of the highlights and let you know how that you can pray for me.

 Friday Night Ministry:  I was able to see some visitors come this month to a Friday Night Youth ministry that I started back in November.  This was very exciting.  We met three times in December and each time I was able to see someone new come.  The goal of this ministry is to reach new people with the Gospel and get people involved in discipleship and coming to the regular services of the church.  It is still a very small group, but please pray that God would grow it, that new people would be able to come and get saved, and that people from the group would start attending church faithfully

 Classes:  I am finishing my studies at the Our Generation Training Center.  I still very much enjoy my time spent learning about the Bible and Ministry during class.  Please pray that with all that I have going on during my last couple of months before I leave for China that I would be diligent to finish all of the classes and homework that I have left to do.

 Work:  I am still working part-time at my Dad`s business to cover my current expenses.  I will be working there up until the day that I leave for China.  Currently, I am training someone to take over my role.  Please pray that I would be able to train him to completely take over all of my responsibilities, so that they will not have any issues while I am gone.

 Vision Baptist Church:  Please be in prayer for my church as we enter the New Year.  We are hoping to have a great year of serving the Lord and reaching our area with the Gospel.  Please pray that the Lord would bless our efforts.  Pray for souls to be saved and people to come to church that we can disciple and train.  I greatly enjoy being part of the ministry of Vision Baptist Church and hope that God continues to bless it with the opportunity to love and teach people about Him.

Support:  As I write this letter, I have currently raised 39% of my needed support for my six months internship.  I am excited that God has allowed me to raise so much this fast.  I want to say a big thank you to everyone that has helped support me.  I still have approximately $4400 to raise.  Please pray that God would allow me to raise this remaining amount of support quickly.

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope that this year is a great year of serving, obeying, and seeing the Lord work!


Kanon Bloom

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