I have highlighted the Asia Circle and shown how we need to see the multitudes like Jesus. Now, I want to give only the facts about this region we call the Asia Circle. Like Jesus seeing the multitudes and having compassion, these numbers should motivate us to not only pray but also consider going to the Asia Circle.

The Asia Circle

  • A total population of around 3.9 billion (more people living inside the circle than outside of it)
  • It consists of 22 different countries
  • The top seven most populous cities are all in this region: Tokyo, Japan; Jakarta, Indonesia; Seoul, South Korea; Dehli, India; Shanghai, China; Manila, Philippines and Karachi, Pakistan
  • Inside this circle, there are more Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists than outside this circle
  • There are more professing Christians in America than there are professing Christians inside this circle
  • Indonesia: World’s largest Muslim country (inside the circle)
  • India: World’s largest Hindu population (inside the circle)
  • Twenty of the twenty-two countries have Christian populations that are 10% of the total population or less
  •  Over half the countries have Christian populations of less than 5% of the total population
  • The circle is mostly water
  • Inside the circle, there is both the second most densely populated country and the least densely populated country

What can you do about the Asia Circle? Can you go to it? Can you pray for laborers? There is a great need here and while millions perish each year, the burden is on you to prove why you shouldn’t go.

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