June Prayer Letter


July 2, 2016

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Over the past month, as my wife and I have driven across state lines to present the need for the Gospel in Indonesia, millions of Muslims across that nation have been observing Ramadan. One has to admire the fervency with which they give themselves to their religion. Yet it’s still just that. An empty religion. They have spent their days from sunrise to sunset since June 6th, denying themselves and fasting from food and drink to satisfy a god that doesn’t love them and didn’t send his son to save them. Yet a faith is only as good as the object that it’s placed in. How desperately Indonesia needs the truth of the Gospel!

We spent time at the Our Generation Camp this month where young people were challenged with that task, to use their lives for carrying the message of Christ. Many teenagers signed a missions pledge. It’s a commitment to prepare themselves and look for our great God to use them in a dark world. I’m so proud of and for my wife who had the opportunity to counsel with a young lady in this. What an answer to prayer! Christ has asked us to pray for laborers for the harvest field,  and we saw young people realize that responsibility this month.

On June 19th, we celebrated our one year marriage anniversary. Day by day, it’s tough to measure the changes in our lives, but when we have the opportunity to look back over months, we see the great strides God has had in our lives. We are thankful for the victories and lessons He has had for us this year. We are grateful for new support we’ve seen and the graciousness of God and His people to us. Looking ahead we’ll be in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama. We are so thankful for the prayers of our friends as we travel.

To Indonesia with Truth,

Jesse and Faith Turpin


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