June Prayer Letter (by Philip Bassham)

The last months have been really busy with visitors, outreach, planning, and language progress, and there are many things we ask that you would pray with us about.


Our first group came to see us and were a big help to us as we worked to get out tracts and flyers in some different areas. They helped us to get out several thousand in just a short time, saving us a lot of time and helping us cover a lot of ground.

Currently, there are another couple of guys from our home church here as well that have come to see the mission field and help us out.

Pray for those that visited, that the Lord would give them greater clarity about how they can be used in missions.


We are looking pretty closely at one area of the city. It is the most densely populated part of Bangkok with over 22,000 people per square kilometer. That is over twice as dense as New York city. We have already looked at some places to rent there, but over the next few weeks, we plan to do a little house hunting to see if the Lord would open up a door for us to be able to move there.

Though we are still working on the language, we want to begin to make some closer connections in the area we believe the Lord may be leading us to in preparation of an official church start. Meaning, getting to know the area, developing relationships around the community, witnessing, handing out tracts and literature, and maybe having some informal Bible studies in our home as we make friends. Any progress we can make while working to advance our language as fast as possible.

OG Summit

The annual missions event of the year, the OG Summit is coming up again in Jan. 1-3, 2015. If you have never been, I highly recommend going. I know of no other missions event like it in the world that the whole family can enjoy while learning and being challenged about missions.

Yours for the Gospel in Thailand,

Philip and Lori Bassham


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