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I wanted to send out one last reminder about our furlough that starts this month. Lord willing we will be in the US from this June through June of next year 2015. During this time we will be visiting some new churches and many of our supporting churches to share what the Lord is doing here in Bolivia. If you would like for us to come and visit, please let me know as soon as possible because our calendar is filling up very quickly. If you would like to contact me you can write me or call at 336-499-2585. We praise the Lord for all that you do for us and the ministry here and look forward to seeing you.

On the Home Stretch:
We praise the Lord that this past month we heard from another one of our supporting churches that is giving a $5000 special offering towards our land and a friend that gave $100. I am continually amazed at the Lord’s goodness and the generosity of God’s people. With this offering that brings us down to right at $27,000 left to reach our goal. With only one month left this is still a great challenge and we are praying that the Lord will do a miracle. We ask that you pray with us that we can reach our goal and pay off the land. As you can see below, each time we are getting closer to our goal. If you would like to help us and become one of our $1000, $500, $100or $50 partners that would be a great blessing to us.  Please let us know ( and send to;

Please send all gifts to:

Vision Baptist Missions
c/o Bolivia land fund
P.O. 442
Alpharetta Ga 30009

$5000 x 4 (Now only two people left to give)
$1000 x 10 (Now only seven people left to give)
$500 x 10 (Now only nine people left to give)
$100 x 30 (We only need twenty nine people left to give)
$50 x 40 (Now only thirty nine people left to give)

Thank you for helping and praying for us.

Great Endings:
This past month has been both crazy and amazing. Besides having to pack up our house and belongings, we finished our second trimester in our Bible College and had our first graduation. The two guys, Isaac and Pablo, that graduated will be leading the two churches here that we have started while we are on furlough. It was great to see all the people so excited and supportive of these two guys and their accomplishments. Also we organized our second church that we have in and area called Quillacollo. We have been having services now for eight our nine months and the attendance is between 30 and 40. Pablo has been carrying most of the load at the church and things are going well so we wanted to organize the church so that they could become official.

Prayer Requests:
1. Pray for us as we travel back to the US this month and get things set up so we can start traveling.
2. Pray that the Lord will provide the remaining $27,000 to pay off our land.
3. Pray for the two churches that we are leaving here and the men that will be leading them.
4. Pray for the construction of our new church building so that the church can have services on the land.

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