Dear Pastors, Partners, and Praying Friends,

Thank you for your faithful support for our family in finances and in prayers.  We praise God for such a wonderful group of people to hold the rope for us as we rescue the perishing. 

After praying for several months, Heather and I are confident that the Lord has changed our path to the country of China. We have counseled with our pastor, as well as with our mission board director.  Both men, along with our sending church, have been very supportive. We could not be more excited about this decision, and I am thankful for the opportunity to share this exciting news.

As we are preparing to go to Asia, God has led us to focus on Japan’s neighboring country, China.  There we will have the opportunity to train under veteran missionaries, start multiple churches, and train Asian pastors to start churches throughout the region.

The need is great in China with 1.3 billion people and more than 160 cities with a population of over 1 million souls.  Just a few weeks ago, two missionary families that we know very well were deported from China for preaching the gospel. The Lord has been at work in our hearts, and we are more zealous than ever to get the gospel to the world in our generation.

Your Missionaries to China,

The Marks Family    

John 16:33

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