July Prayer Letter


August 1, 2016

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Deputation is often a proving time. As missionaries, it requires us to show ourselves as faithful laborers and good stewards. We trust the Lord to bring the increase of the harvest, as He is the rewarder, yet we must put forth the effort in plowing, sowing, and watering. We work to schedule meetings, communicate with churches through letters, emails, and phone calls, and drive almost countless miles between services.

This is the deputation we expected. Presenting ourselves to churches and pastors. Being examined and watched. Showing forth a pattern of good works of the gospel in us. They too want to be trustworthy stewards in missions.

There is another proving I should have anticipated but didn’t. I knew the Lord wants us in Indonesia, and we have prayed and worked toward getting there. Yet lately, God has been the one proving Himself faithful to us. He has brought partnering churches along side us. He has met our needs just when they came to bear. He is opening doors for us and allowing us to develop relationships that will help us in the missions for years to come.

We partner with churches, but it is more than that. “For we are laborers together with God.” 1 Cor. 3:9.

This coming month, we will be in 5 different states, from Virginia to Louisiana. We appreciate your prayers as we travel. We are also working on the details for our survey trip coming up at the end of the year. We are looking forward to purchasing tickets in the months ahead and asking God to make our survey as profitable as possible.

To Indonesia with Truth,

Jesse and Faith Turpin


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