JULY PRAYER LETTER (by Jessica Wachter)


It is hard to believe that a month has already passed! God has been faithful in providing opportunities for me to witness and make connections. I am excited about the next five months and what opportunities for ministry there will be.

Please continue to pray for…

  • support raising. I have only one month of support left to go! I appreciate all who have invested in this wonderful opportunity and I do not want to waste a single moment while I am here.
  • the homeless outreach breakfast. Tuesday mornings I have the chance to minister to the local homeless by serving at a breakfast. Often I am able to sit down and talk with them, and I strive to share the gospel with each life with whom I come into contact.
  • my British friends. I have made several lovely friends over the past three weeks, and I have witnessed to each of them. Some are closer in their understanding, while others are still seeking. I am continually meeting new people and trying to reach out to them.
  • the ministry. Currently we are going through a series of lessons on the life of Jesus Christ and why it mattered. We have had a handful of visitors over the past month – some who return and some who don’t.

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for the ministry here!

Below my July prayer letter is attached.

June/July update


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