Dear Praying Friends,

You need to be a little crazy to be a missionary. What other job description would include “ability to see things that aren’t there”? There’s a fine line between a visionary and a madman, and I think missionaries live on that line.

One of the most important things I have been taught is the importance of “double vision”: seeing at the same time where someone/something currently is, and where they could be. So in this first year that we have been in Spain, I have tried to see people I meet not as coincidences, but Divine appointments, those I get to minister to and encourage in the faith not as just a younger brother in Christ, but a future leader, of His church.

Now we are at the most exciting place in our ministry so far, and we need not only to HAVE double vision, but be able to make you see it as well. God has amazingly given us a property in which to start a church, at almost no cost to us. A building is not a church, but it is something to prepare for serving a church. In the coming months, we will continue to prepare our hearts, our hands, our tongues, and our minds, to minister to the people of Barcelona, and now we are asking you to help us prepare this place. I want to give you the plan, and then the need:

The Plan: 

Phase I (September): We are working aggressively to be able to launch free English classes (an enormous draw with proven carryover into church attendance if done right) discipleship courses, and several weeks of prelaunch services, right as people are getting back from vacation and back into a normal routine. We already have a great list of contacts of people interested in bible studies and English lessons, and want to use media distribution in the month of September in order to make that list larger. This phase would not necessarily require ALL of the work on the building to be finished, but quite a bit.

Phase II (October): Regular Sunday services, midweek Bible study. If we hit phase I hard, and Lord willing, we believe we can see a good amount of momentum to carry us over into keeping regular attendees and move as quickly as the Lord allows into discipling, baptising, training leaders, and actual church organisation. This is obviously what we are here for!

The Need:

We already have 8% of the need given, but we urgently need you to catch this double vision with us to make these preparations possible. No gift is too small, and is greatly appreciated. Here is the general budget for what we need BY SEPTEMBER. Anything that comes in over this amount will go to media distribution.

Chairs: $1250

Pulpit: $200

Paint: $200

Wall: $300

Sign: $600

Decoration: $250

Projector: $400

Air conditioner: $2000

Misc expenses: $500

Media blitz: $1300

Total: $7000

Our building location is right in the center of 5 towns right above metro Barcelona: Barberà, Montcada, Cerdanyola, Ripollet, and Badia. These form a rectangle of 12 square miles, with a combined population of nearly 200k people… with a very very small Gospel presence. We have a double vision for this place God has placed us, and we are praying you will catch it too. Thanks for all your prayers and support, and I can’t wait to write the next prayer letter to tell about answered prayer!

Yours for His Harvest,

Scott, Melissa, Elena, Isabel, and Xavier Newton

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