This month marks one year on deputation. We have watched God save souls and direct many hearts toward India. We are praying for at least 100 families to surrender to God to help us reach India for His glory. Speaking of India – plans are moving swiftly there. Just today, we heard of a building we could possibly use for our office. This is where the translation work would be done and putting together the material to take to the villages. Just got a phone call from our son, telling us the office is a GO. How great this is – soon an office for Voice in the Villages in New Delhi.

We are very excited about the documentary about India – Light in the Darkness. Response has been phenomenal. Please let us know if we can help you obtain a copy of the DVD to show at your church. How blessed we are to be partnered with you for the task of world evangelism! Thank you for giving us this opportunity. Traveling to different churches has afforded us the opportunity to see there are some great churches and great people. We enjoyed getting in on Christmas activities at several churches in December. It is always so good to hear from you and hearing of God’s blessings in your church and life. Thank you for keeping in touch. We are thankful for another year to serve Him and working together with YOU! As we reach India together, let us thank you for your sacrificial giving. We appreciate all of you – can’t thank you enough for believing in us. We love you and pray that 2014 will be a spiritually prosperous year for each of you.

This month, please help us pray for: 100 families to surrender to go to India, funds to setup the office in New Delhi, traveling mercies as we continue traveling, souls to be saved in India.


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