January Prayer Letter (by Philip Bassham)

Language Work

The last month or so, language has been going really well. It is hard to explain language progress sometimes, because even though it feels like we are learning a TON every day, a language is so big and complex, that progress still seems slow because learning something and making it flow naturally and easily is hard.

If you want an explanation of our abilities thus far, we are able to communicate generally about anything that we need to, but often too choppy and with mistakes. Our brains still think more in English than Thai, and just replacing English words with a Thai equivalent doesn’t work at all. So, we still have a lot of work to not just say Thai words, but to sound Thai.

Ministry Updates
We are still sharing the Gospel every opportunity that we get, but recently have changed churches that we were attending because of what we believe is a confusion of the role of women in the church. Pray for us as we look to get plugged into a new ministry during our time in language school.

On that note, I have started more serious research looking for the place that the Lord would have us plant our first church. It is a lot of work and we need a lot of wisdom. Please pray that the Lord would guide us in this!

Christmas is a strange time in Thailand because it is not recognized at all, but is also a great opportunity to share the Gospel. We had a Christmas party for some friends to be able to tell them about Jesus it went pretty well.

New Baby on the Way
Happy New Year, and Happy new baby. Actually, this was the very first news that I heard in 2014 and we are very excited about it. But I’m a little upset because the due date is my birthday.

Missions trip to Thailand
If you are interested in visiting Thailand, we have a trip planned for June 16-25, 2014 where we would love to host you. We have a lot of exciting things planned that we are praying will make a huge impact on those coming. More info at

Prayer requests

  • Continue to pray that we get our new visas soon
  • Wisdom in research of Bangkok as we look for where to start our ministry
  • Language Fluency
  • Our new baby on the way!
  • Peace in Thailand (the political situation here is still very volatile)

Yours for the Gospel in Thailand,
Philip and Lori Bassham


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