It Is not Hidden From You


June 25, 2017

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Deuteronomy 30:11-14


Moses tells them that the commandment he has given is not hidden from them, neither far off. It is not all the way in heaven so they cannot hear it nor it is in the sea that they could not see it, but it is close to them, in their mouth and in their heart. It is close to them, not so that they can merely see it or know about it, it is close to them so they may “do it” (vs.14). 

And we as Christians have seen, heard and know that God is real. I love to read and hear about how God has blessed others in the past, but I have seen it myself today. I have seen how great God is. I have seen that He protects, provides for and blesses His children. I know what God says really works. It is not secondhand information, I have seen it myself. So I should not think that His commands and promises are for others or just for the fun of it, they are for me, they are to put in practice in my life.





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