By Will Cosby, Veteran missionary of 40 years.

Pray for him to understand the people he is working with, and for him to know why they do the things they do.

Pray for him to have great patience in dealing with delay.

Pray that God will give him wisdom in making daily decisions.  Even a small mistake will magnify in days to come.

Pray that God will garrison his mind against evil thoughts.

Pray for him to have Holy Spirit power and a good influence on others.

Pray that others will de-magnify his imperfections.

Pray for his spiritual health to be good and his physical health to keep pace with it.

Pray for him to receive much benefit from his Bible study; first for himself, and then for others.

Pray that God will help him to be flexible without compromise, and steadfast without being rigid.

Pray for him to be able to deliver his sermons with great satisfaction to God, the people, and himself.

Pray that God will keep him from believing false information and to be able to discern it as such.

Pray that he will know how to arrange his daily schedule with proper spiritual priorities.

Pray for him to give the proper attention to his wife and family and not to neglect them for the work.

Pay for him to be ever conscious of souls in need and to be aware of opportunities to win them.

Pray for him to have an ever increasing and widening vision of his work.

Pray for him to love his people as a shepherd does his sheep and to know their individual needs and be able to administrate his work for the benefit of the whole body.

Pray that he will have great faith in God to achieve the impossible.

Pray for him not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think and that God will shrink his ego.

Pray for him to have great boldness to preach the Word without fear or favor of man.

Pray for him to have good convictions and not to compromise.

Pray for him that most of all, he will love God supremely with all his heart, mind and soul.

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