1. Do not look at the harvest fields John 4:35


2. Do what everybody else is doing. Get a bigger salary, a better job, a better car and house, a better retirement


3. Get married to someone who has no idea what it means to serve God, the Great Commission, or world evangelism. Get settled down, get a good job, and raise a beautiful family


4. Stay away from missionaries. Their testimonies and lifestyles will only make you uncomfortable and may cause you to think of living for someone besides yourself


5. If you happen to think of missions think only of the very difficult places so you can feel good about not going. Don’t listen to what they tell you about how to get even into closed countries.


6. Think about how bad a missionary you would make because of your past failures and lack of ability


7. Think only about missionaries as super talented, super spiritual people that sit on a pedestal otherwise you might even feel guilty


8. Believe that you are indispensable where you are


9. Worry constantly about money


10. If you still feel like you must go then do so without the proper preparation that way you can fail and come home soon and no one will blame you for trying!




  1. 11. Think of only the missionaries who have gone and lost their testimony, health or didn´t stay. Feel better than them !
    12. Preach to others about how missionaries aren´t using Biblical methods, or their support wisely.
    13. Insist that America needs more missionaries, but don´t become one of them either.
    Very good article.

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