How to get your church to be an indigenous church #2 of 2


April 5, 2013



On the previous post, we mentioned 10 ways to get your church to be an indigenous church. I hope the remaining ideas will be thought provoking and helpful to you. We will pick up where we left off…


11.  Hold them to a high standard


12.  Let them see in your life things you want them to do


13.  Don’t try to make them American

Many things are culture & can be accepted

14.  Never do anything alone! 

Let them see how you get a sermon, how you visit a troubled person, how you perform a funeral or wedding, how you handle problems, etc.

15.  Be a leader of leaders, train leaders. 

How much time did Jesus spend with the multitudes? Not much, it was usually with the 3 (Peter, James and John), then the other disciples


16.  Respect the national leader as a leader and not my peon

God can and will use them, never ever treat them with a racist attitude by thinking you are better than them or have some monopoly on God and God’s work.

17.  It’s more caught than taught

Let them be around you, show them how to do things, let your ministry be more than preaching a sermon a couple times a week rather be living your ministry constantly… and they will catch it and begin serving God.

If you are not convinced that what you are doing is important, go home!

18.  Teach them how to do the work and give him more credit for doing it

No one likes a guy who always takes the credit.

Learn to give credit instead of taking credit.

19.  Learn from the guys getting it done – find them and learn from them


20.  Never quit learning!


21.  Without a worker you have no work

A building doesn’t make a church. A piece of land doesn’t make a church. Even a group of people doesn’t necessarily make a church. If you don’t have a man to lead the church or ministries, the church or ministries will soon close down.



Here to Serve,

Jeff Bush

General Director of Vision Baptist Missions


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