Each day, I am more and more convinced that we are a nation of convenience. We love it when things are convenient for us. Do you remember the days when you actually had to go to one store to buy household items and then another store to get groceries? How about the days when you actually had to stick a key in the door to unlock it? Or the days when you had to stick a key in the ignition to start your car?We do the things that are convenient for us and if it is inconvenient then we do not do it.

HashtagEven in our social causes, we lean towards doing only the things that are convenient to us. In the last few years with the surge in social media use, any time there is some major cause people can rally around; they do it with hashtags. (If you do not know what that is, click here) I still remember #Kony2012 then there was the #EndItMovement and in the last month or so #BringBackOurGirls. These social media campaigns can seem so exciting. But these campaigns are just like everything else we do: convenient.

It is so easy to share a news story or take a picture with a red on our hand then post it up with a hashtag. It makes us feel involved. It makes us think that we are making a difference because when the evil people who are doing bad things see my picture and my status; they will do the right thing. Social media makes it easy for us to be social activists.

It is not just social activism that causes us to take the easiest route but also it is seen in our church’s mission programs. We can, too easily, think that we are involved in missions just because we give money every week. Our missions giving is our hashtag activism – an easy way to be involved without too much of a cost to us.

When you can get to the point of seeing that missions is not just about money is the day you can begin to truly be involved in missions. We need people who will be more than hashtag activists if we are to reach the world with the Gospel. We need people who will get in the trenches and do the work. We need people who sacrifice more than a few dollars to see churches started.

We need more than hashtag activists. We need men and women who will surrender to take the name of Jesus Christ around the world.

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