From Gods to Gods (by Ben Johnson)

I have been in Jeremiah in my devotions lately. I must admit that the more I read the Bible, the more I love it; even the “boring” parts. I know there are more difficult passages of Scripture to both read and interpret but yet so much can be seen in reading the Bible. One thing of note that I have seen as I have read this time is Israel’s constant bent towards idolatry.

Jeremiah prophesies how soon Judah would be destroyed due to their idolatry. One characteristic of Jeremiah is his unceasing love for his own people. He cared about the children of Israel. He cared that they were about to be destroyed and he wept over it. All of Israel had a problem with idolatry. They forsook the true and living God for false gods. Gods who could not save but the destruction of Jerusalem and their captivity would turn them back to God… for a season.

When we come to the New Testament, we see a change. Whereas in the Old Testament, so many worshiped many gods, now it seemed they finally repented and had turned back to the only true God. Seems is the key word. Though in outward form they worshiped the God of Heaven; deep down, they still only had idols. They changed from worshiping the true God to worshiping the law and their own self-righteousness.

Idolatry is so sinister. We may not bow down to a god carved in wood but we may worship our own perceived self-worth or self-righteousness. We may exchange the worship of false gods to the false worship of the true God. That is what the Jews did and we are not better. What gods have you exchanged for other gods?


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