Formosa is located in the northeast of Argentina.  It is on the banks of the Paraguay River.  Formosa is the capital city of the Formosa Province.  The city, which is just across the river from Paraguay has a culture close to that of Paraguay.  The name most likely comes from an archaic version of the Spanish word, “Hermosa” (which means beautiful).  It is a land of swamps, grassy plains, and tidelands.  It is known to have one of the biggest concentration and variety of birds as well as South American caimans (similar to an alligator).

All that being true, it is the people in Formosa that we are most interested in.  The city boasts a population of 250,000 people.  There is a strong aboriginal population, especially the Tobas who live in the surrounding areas of the city.  These people need the truth of Jesus!  Please pray for God to send forth laborers that will faithfully proclaim the Truth in Formosa!

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