Language Updates

This has been the best month of language learning yet. Maybe not for Lori since she has been feeling pretty bad with morning sickness, but for me, I feel like I hit a growth spurt, which feels pretty good. As language ability allows some more natural conversation, it also becomes more enjoyable too, which is nice since the early stages are more like going to a torture chamber all day.

Sometimes reporting on our language learning progress feels a little uneventful, but even if that is the case, we know that the long hours and months that it takes to learn the language will pay dividends for every year of ministry to come.


We are still teaching and reading and telling the story of Jesus every day with people that we are able to talk to and praying that the Lord uses it in their hearts. We can’t save anyone (we wish we could), all we can do is tell the news and ask the Holy Spirit to work.

In a culture that is saturated with Buddhism, it is slow work – line upon line, precept upon precept – but we believe that His Word will not return void, and so we keep planting seeds and asking Him to save.

A New Church

Last month we asked for prayer that we would be able to find a new church to get plugged into and the Lord has answered that prayer. We are able to be a part of a new believer’s class there that is very good for us. The conversations and testimonies with newly saved Christians is eye-opening as they express the struggles that their faith creates for them in a country that is 99% non-christian, as well as see the joy as they grow in the basics of the Gospel.

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