February Prayer Letter (by Jason Rishel)

There is an old African proverb that says, “A man without a wife is like a vase without flowers.” I’m not sure exactly if they are trying to say that a single man is useless, but the point of the proverb is that a man is fulfilled and helped by having a wife. Our first month of marriage has proven this. Aside from having great company on the long road trips, Charity has done great at all of the churches we have been to. She has been a huge blessing so far.

We started out the month in South Carolina and had meetings in North Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia. We also have the opportunity to be at a missions conference at the end of the month in Georgia. We have had some great meetings so far and have picked up four new supporters this month.

During the last two weeks of February I will be teaching a class at the Our Generation Training Center, a missionary training school with Vision Baptist Church. The class, which is entitled “Missionary Advice from the Past”, takes a detailed look at the lives of past missionaries who were pioneers and leaders in the early missions movements and draws lessons from their lives that we can all learn from. They were some amazing men and women who allowed God to use their lives in huge ways. You can go to our website and read some of the stories and lessons from the lives of these past warriors.

Next month has us on the road with a lot of traveling. We are thankful for a full and busy schedule. Please continue to pray for our meetings, that God will continue to turn them into support and we can get to the field quickly!

Here to serve, Jason and Charity Rishel


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