Faith in Faith is not Faith (by Ben Johnson)

Faith is an interesting thing. It is a word we use a lot but we do not always know what we mean. I believe many people have faith but their faith is not real faith but faith in their own faith. Let’s be clear: Faith does nothing. Faith cannot save you. Faith cannot help you. Faith does nothing in and of itself. Faith is just belief and belief helps no one in and of itself.

You may already be getting your wood to burn me at the stake as a heretic but let me clarify. There are billions around the world who have faith. Everyone has faith. But their faith does nothing from them. It will not save them. The problem is not they are not people who believe but in whom or in what they believe.

A Buddhist can believe as strongly as they want that what they are doing will help them. But their belief, their faith, will not help them. A person can believe as strongly as they want that what they are doing will earn them eternal life in heaven but that belief will do them no good. Faith is not just about believing. The key to faith is in Whom we are believing.

Our faith must be in God Himself. Anything else, is not real faith.

Sometimes, it is easy to get wrapped up in the faith we have. We think that if we enough faith or the right kind of faith that God will act in our lives but this thinking only shows us that our faith is not in God but in our own faith. Let us then trust in God and Him alone. Our faith will not get us through but the God of our faith will.


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