Summit Speakers

Missionaries and preachers from around the world will be there to speak and share their life with you. Below you can read about some of the many speakers that will be at the Summit.

Austin Gardner first received the call to missions when he was 12. At the age of 18, he attended Shorter College, where he met and married his wife, Betty. Afterwards, he started and pastored several churches in Georgia and Alabama.  While at a church in Cartersville, GA, the Lord called Austin to Peru. After a year of language school in Mexico, Austin and his family moved to Peru in 1986. He spent over 20 years serving as a missionary, pastor, and church planter in Peru, starting several churches, a TV and radio ministry, as well as a Bible college. Austin returned to the States in 2006, where he established the ministry of Vision Baptist Church and the Our Generation Training Center in Alpharetta, GA.[hr]

Trent Cornwell serves as the Student Pastor of Vision Baptist Church and is the pro tempore director of Vision Baptist Missions. He leads in the student ministries of the church, serves as a missions mobilizer with Our Generation, and teaches in the Training Center. He works towards seeing students evangelized, established, equipped, and exported to the mission field and the world.[hr]

Ronald Tubillas serves as the pastor of Iglesia Bautista Vision. Ronald is from Peru where he attended the Peru Baptist College and later planted and pastored a church. He has trained many young men that are now in full-time ministry and others that are still preparing. Ronald has also started a second Spanish ministry in Norcross, Georgia with Trinity Hill Baptist Church.[hr]

Philip Bassham graduated from Pensacola Christian College and went on to spend 6 months in Peru under the ministry of the Our Generation Training Center. After returning to the States, Philip joined Vision Baptist Church where he currently served for several years as the Music & Singles Director. He and his wife Lori are on deputation this year as missionaries to Thailand.[hr]

At the age of 16, Jeff Bush felt the Lord leading him into full-time ministry. He trained in Peru for over 2 years, where he attended language school and learned ministry under Austin Gardner. In January 2004, Jeff arrived in La Plata, Argentina, South America. He has since started 3 churches, a radio ministry, and a Bible college in Argentina. It is his great desire to see the gospel spread and to equip more workers to serve the Lord and start more churches.[hr]

 At the age of 19, Mark Coffey spent 5 months in Peru where the Lord opened his eyes to the mission field. He was called to missions the very next year. For the last 14 years, Mark has worked in various areas of ministry as an assistant youth director, a children’s pastor, an assistant pastor, and a missionary to Peru. Mark and his family are now preparing to go to South Africa as church planting missionaries. [hr]

Wayne Cooke was on a missions trip at the age of 17 when he first felt the call to the mission field. He graduated from Bible school with a missions degree, served in Guatemala for 4 years, and then and came to Vision Baptist Church, to gain additional missions training with Pastor Austin Gardner. While at Vision, Wayne served with Pastor Ronald Tubillas in the Spanish ministry of Vision and Trinity Hill. He and his family are now on deputation as missionaries to Colombia, South America with Vision Baptist Missions.


Josh Ewing, son of missionary Stanley Ewing, lived for several years on the foreign mission field of Indonesia. Josh was saved at a young age and called to the ministry at the age of 16. He surrendered to missions during his junior year at Bible college. He and his wife Elizabeth have served on the mission field for several years and are currently on deputation to Chile, South America.[hr]

Chris Gardner grew up on the mission field of Peru as the oldest son of missionary Austin Gardner. He was saved at an early age and became involved in the ministry full-time at the age of 15. He began pastoring when he was 18 and has worked as a church-planting missionary for the past 16 years. He also serves as the Spanish Speaking South American Director of Macedonia World Baptist Missions and the director of Peru Baptist College. He is currently working in a new church plant named Iglesia Bautista Omega.[hr]

David Gardner got saved at the age of 6. He grew up on the mission field of Peru and was able to watch and learn from the life and ministry of his dad, Austin Gardner, and his brother, Chris Gardner, as well as that of several others. David helped start several churches and is the youth and worship pastor and music director at Iglesia Bautista Omega. Known for being an excellent translator, David is also a language school teacher at the Peru Baptist College.[hr]

After getting saved at the age of 19, Jeremy Hall lived for the Lord for about a year before drifting back into his old ways. The Lord later used Jeremy’s brother, missionary Kevin Hall, to influence Jeremy to redirect and rededicate his life back to God. At the 2004 Our Generation Camp, Jeremy surrendered his life to missions. He would later go on to train in Peru for a year. Today, Jeremy is a church planting missionary to Peru and is currently working in Iglesia Bautista Omega and the Peru Baptist College.[hr]

Will Hill surrendered to missions at the age of 17. The very next year, he traveled to Peru for six months of missions training. Afterwards, he returned to the States and graduated from the Our Generation Training Center. He then joined Lighthouse Baptist Church, and has been serving on the church staff since 2007. He and his wife, Rebelle, are now on deputation as church planting missionaries to Japan. [hr]

Jason Holt was saved at the age of 16 and called to missions a couple of years later.  While attending Crown College, he met his wife Lori and began plans to serve as a church planting missionary in Chile, South America.  After spending 2 years in Peru learning the language, culture, and ministry under the leadership of Austin Gardner, the Holts left for Chile.  Since 2005, God has used the Holts to start three churches and a Bible college in the capital city of Santiago. [hr]

Tony Howeth was saved as a teenager and later went on to serve as the youth pastor at Whitfield Baptist Church for nearly 9 years. He was the youth pastor for Chris Gardner, Mark Coffey, Kevin Hall, and many, many more men and women that are serving the Lord today. Tony later moved to Valdosta, Georgia and pastored a church there for several years before going on deputation as a missionary to Ecuador. Due to some family health problems, however, Tony and his family returned to the States. He later became the deputation director for Macedonia World Baptist Missions and helped train missionaries in how to raise their support. Currently, he is serving as the pastor of Newton Baptist Church in Covington, GA. [hr]

Scott Newton grew up on the mission field in Portugal, where he graduated from IBEV Baptist Institute. Scott joined Vision Baptist Church in 2007 and worked there for three years.  He and his wife Melissa are currently on deputation as missionaries to Barcelona, Spain.[hr]

Jim Roberts was born on the foreign mission field of Scotland, where his parents were missionaries. After years of living for himself, Jim got saved at his dad’s church at the age of 20. Two years later, God called Jim to preach and to serve on the mission field. Several years after that, the Lord used the Our Generation Camp to burden Jim’s heart for India. He and his family are currently on deputation to the country of India. [hr]

Aaron Vance is a church-planting missionary on deputation to Colombia with Macedonia World Baptist Missions. After studying in Peru with Austin Gardner and graduating from the Our Generation Training Center, Aaron had the opportunity to start and pastor a Spanish Church and work on the staff at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Dawsonville, GA for 6 years. The Vances are excited about what God is going to do in Colombia and are committed to seeing Christ magnified there and around the world.[hr]

Chris Waye grew up in the ministry of Victory Baptist Church in Loganville, GA.  It was through the bus ministry that he began attending church. He would later gain ministry experience, meet his wife, and be called to preach while at Victory. In 2010, Chris was able to spend 6 months in Peru for missions training under the leadership of Chris Gardner. He and his family are currently on deputation to the British Isles as church planting missionaries.