Our Generation Camp


A Brief History of the Our Generation Camp

In 2004 a group of young missionaries headed to the field held a camp (then the Baptist Camp for World Evangelism) for college-aged students interested in foreign missions. God blessed in a such a tremendous way that the world is still feeling the impact of the decisions made that week as alumni are now serving all over the world.

Over the years the camp evolved into the Our Generation Student Leadership Conference and remained a focused training ground for foreign missions. In 2011 we expanded our vision and began to provide the Our Generation Camp for middle school and high school age students. It allowed them exposure to young missionaries, missions training, plus all the fun and excitement expected in a summer camp.

During the Our Generation Camp we have two tracks running simultaneously. It is two camps, five days, and one mission! We have blessed to have over a dozen missionaries families join us to serve as keynote speakers, counselors, and to spend time with the students. We believe this unique equation makes for an awesome week with maximum impact on the life of the teenagers and college students.

Date:                     June 19th – June 23rd, 2017 (Mon – Fri)

Location:             Sand Mountain Bible Camp (Trenton, GA)

Cost:                     $200 (Register by May 1st and save $25)

Missionaries and preachers from around the world come together to speak and share their lives with you. Below you can read about a few of the many speakers that will be at the Summit.

Austin Gardner first received the call to missions when he was 12. At the age of 18, he attended Shorter College, where he met and married his wife, Betty. Afterwards, he started and pastored several churches in Georgia and Alabama.  While at a church in Cartersville, GA, the Lord called Austin to Peru. After a year of language school in Mexico, Austin and his family moved to Peru in 1986. He spent over 20 years serving as a missionary, pastor, and church planter in Peru, starting several churches, a TV and radio ministry, as well as a Bible college. Austin returned to the States in 2006, where he established the ministry of Vision Baptist Church and the Our Generation Training Center in Alpharetta, GA.

Trent Cornwell serves as the Associate Pastor of Vision Baptist Church. He leads in the student ministries of the church, serves as a missions mobilizer with Our Generation, and teaches in the Training Center. He works towards seeing students evangelized, established, equipped, and exported to the mission field and the world.

Robert Canfield serves as the administrative pastor at Vision Baptist Church and as the director of the Our Generation Training Center, which he is a graduate. He has a passion for the local church and church planting. He is a wonderful team player and a faithful preacher of God’s Word.

Ronald Tubillas serves as the pastor of Iglesia Bautista Vision. Ronald is from Peru where he attended the Peru Baptist College and later planted and pastored a church. He has trained many young men that are now in full-time ministry and others that are still preparing. Ronald has also started a second Spanish ministry in Norcross, Georgia with Trinity Hill Baptist Church.

Jeff Bush, at the age of 16, felt the Lord leading him into full-time ministry. He trained in Peru for 2 years, where he attended language school and learned ministry under Austin Gardner. In January 2004, Jeff arrived in La Plata, Argentina, South America. He has since started 5 churches, a radio ministry, and a Bible college in Argentina. He now serves as the General Director of Vision Baptist Missions. It is his great desire to see the Gospel spread and to equip more workers to serve the Lord all over the world.

Wayne Cooke was on a missions trip at the age of 17 when he first felt the call to the mission field. He graduated from Bible school with a missions degree, served in Guatemala for 4 years, and then came to Vision Baptist Church, to gain additional missions training with Pastor Austin Gardner. While at Vision, Wayne served with Pastor Ronald Tubillas in the Spanish ministry of Vision and Trinity Hill. He and his family are now on deputation as missionaries returning to Guatemala, South America with Vision Baptist Missions.

Q. What is the schedule like?

A. We are divided into three groups in the morning (middle school-, high school-, and college-aged groups) for breakout sessions and an hour-long worship service. The afternoon is filled with games for teams and activities for individuals. The evening consists of a camp-wide preaching service followed by competitive sports and a team challenge.

Q. What are breakout sessions?

A. Breakout sessions are simply small classroom settings where the missionaries can speak to you and you have the chance to ask questions.

Q. What is there to do at Sand Mountain?

A. The easier question to answer is what isn’t there to do at the camp? Our volunteer staff of missionaries have partnered with the professional staff of Sand Mountain and created an action-packed schedule.

  • Sports tournaments.
  • Team Competitions.
  • Pool
  • Time to spend hanging out with missionaries
  • Campfires

Q. Where will we stay?

A. Sand Mountain Bible Camp, located in Trenton, GA.

Q. Who can attend?

A. Because we provide two tracks, one for middle school and high school students and the other for college-aged students, anyone from 7th grade through the early 20’s are welcomed to attend!

Q. When and how should we register?

A. Register yourself or your group by calling 770-456-5881. You can also register online. Registering by May 1st to get the Early Bird discount.

Q. Who do we make the check payable to?

A. Make all checks payable to Vision Baptist Missions and mark for “OG Camp.”

The camp will be held at Sand Mountain Bible Camp. We are grateful for their partnership. They provide an incredible experience at a great price for our group. They believe in the mission of the camp and have faithfully ministered with us for many years.

What does it cost?

The cost of camp is $200 which is due by Monday, June 1st (register by May 1st to receive a $25 discount) We also have group rates available. See below for more information.

All of our guest speakers come at their own expense allowing us to keep the price as affordable as possible. We understand, first hand, the challenge of raising money to help your kids attend a week of camp.

How do the Camp discounts work?

We are offering the following discounts:

  • Early Bird Discount of $25 for groups and individuals who register no later than May 1st.
  • Group Discount–for every 10 registered attendees the group may take $100 off the total price.

Some examples of how the discounts work are:

  • Group of 8 attendeesregistering after May 15th–The total would be $1,600.00 ($200.00 per attendee.)
  • Group of 8 attendees registering before May15th –you would be able to use the early bird discount. The total would be $1,375.00 ($175.00 per student.)
  • Group of 10 attendees registering after May15th –you would be able to use the group discount. The total would be $1,900.00 ($200 per attendee and $100 off the total price)
  • Group of 10 attendees registering before May15th –you would be able to use the early bird discount and group discount. The total would be $1,650.00 ($175 per student and $100 off the total price)

How do I pay for Camp?

Make checks payable to: Vision Baptist Missions and send to Vision Baptist Missions P.O. Box 442, Alpharetta, GA 30009.

If you have questions, please let us know! You can call our offices Tuesday – Friday from 9 am – 5 pm EST at 770.456.5881.

*If you are registering as a group, registration over the phone is the preferred method.

More questions?

We would love to hear from you! Please, email bush@visionbaptist.com. Our Director, Jeff Bush, will communicate with you directly and answer any questions you may have.