As missionaries on deputation or furlough, stability is not the exact word that would explain your life. Missionaries on deputation are traveling as much as possible in order to get to the field and missionaries on deputation are traveling a lot to update the supporting churches about what God is doing in their ministry. Both deputation and furloughs are exciting and have many wonderful aspects, but a downside would be the evangelism aspect. On the mission field it is a no-brainer that if you don’t hand out tracts and share the Gospel, people will not hear and the church will not grow… but on deputation and furlough a missionary is not usually in one specific area and it’s not so easy to give out tracts. My goal is not to belittle or be critical, rather to encourage all of us to find a way to evangelize whatever our schedule may be. Traveling could be a pain but instead of allowing it to be an excuse, we can count it a opportunity to give tracts out at the gas stations, fast food restaurants, hotels, etc. When arriving at a church with a day or two to spare, see if the church has a time for knocking doors or passing out tracts. When “home”, find out when your home church or another good church in the area has evangelistic opportunities. Carry tracts in your car and give them out everywhere possible. The point is that wherever you are however you can just decide that evangelism will be a priority in your life – on the road or on the field.


Here to Serve,

Jeff Bush

General Director of Vision Baptist Missions

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