Yes, you read that right. I got engaged on Sunday afternoon to the love of my life, Nancy Kelly. We met back in the summer of 2014 and have been in a serious relationship since October. I am excited to find out all that God is going to do with our lives. Let me tell you a little bit of the story.

1. How we met: Nancy and I saw each other for the first time at class in the summer of last year. However, we didn`t officially get to meet until we met at a one-day youth camp in Hiawassee, GA. The camp was near her house, and her family helps put it on every year. It was a very fun day with a lot of activities and preaching, but at lunch time I sat near her and her dad and got a chance to talk to her. She peaked my interest, and I decided to try talking to her again during our free time that afternoon. We hit it off and think that we both left that day interested in each other.

About a month or two later her and her brother moved down to Alpharetta to start attending classes at the training center. Her brother, Timmy became my roommate which gave me a great excuse to help show Nancy and her brother around the area. For the first week, I would take Timmy to a lot of the places that I went. Often, he wanted to see if his sister could come along too. I of course said yes, and Nancy and I had many opportunities those first weeks to talk and get to know each other. We really enjoyed being around each other and were both interested in serving the Lord as missionaries. We began to like each other. This led to me asking her out in October. She said, “sure” and we have been together ever since.

2. How I asked: I had told Nancy that we would go to my parents house for dinner after church. Their house is about an hour away, and we have gone over there a couple of times before between the evening and morning services. What she didnt know was that I never planned to make it to my parents house. I had my friend Robert give me an extra set of keys. We drove about 45minutes of the way there, and then I had him call me. He told me that he needed the keys to the church van right away and to hurry back to give them to him. I told Nancy that unfortunately we had to turn around. In the meantime, while we were out driving, my sisters and mom had come back to the church and decorated the entrance to the auditorium. We came back to the church to “give the key back” and walked in. I had Timmy play our favorite song over the speakers. She noticed that something was up when she heard the music. I walked her through the doors to the auditorium, and as soon as I opened them she saw an “I love you” sign along with flowers and the ring. She was totally shocked and couldnt believe that it was real at first. I got down on one knee and asked her to be my wife. She said, “Yes!” Up on the balcony out of view, my mom, some of my sisters, her parents, and some other friends were all watching. They gave us a huge cheer, and just like that we were engaged. It was an awesome moment.

3. Our plans: We plan to get married after I get back from China in September. The wedding will probably be in late October, but we do not have an exact date set yet. We look forward to serving the Lord together as missionaries in China. We both desire to get to the field as soon as God would allow us. I am amazed at the Lord`s goodness, and I covet your prayers as we embark on a life together.


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