Do Not Forget but Remember


May 31, 2017

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Deuteronomy 8:11-20

The section begins by saying beware that you forget not (vs.11) and goes on to say lest your heart be lifted up (vs.14) and you say in your heart that you got everything because of your own strength (vs.17). It was God that led you (vs.15) and God that fed you (vs.16). It is God who gives the power, not yourself (vs.18). And if they forget that, they will surely perish (vs.19). 

Every piece of advice could be directed right towards us. We should never forget that it is God who has brought us this far and all that we have is from God, not our own strength. If we think that we have made it this far by ourselves, our hearts will be lifted up and we will forget God. Beware that we do not forget God!


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