2013 has flown by with only a few days remaining.

“Change” would be the word I would use to describe this year for my family.

We’ve changed homes, countries, schools, languages, and even the side of the road we drive on.  Although, I was a little concerned how my family would react to all these changes over the last six months, I don’t have much to worry about.  They are doing great.  They have adapted and made South Africa their home.  There not  lot of time that passes before I see a  smile on their face.  That makes all the “change” a bit easier.  I thank the Lord for the family has blessed me with.

I feel like I keep saying the same things in each prayer letter, but I really do need your prayers while we are learning the language.  We are progressing in the language and will learn it, but your prayers do help.

Pastor Sipho was able to lead an older gentleman to Christ this week when we were going door to door.  Please be praying we will see more come to Christ in these next few months like this man did.  I pray we can really impact South Africa with the Gospel.  Port Elizabeth and all of Africa have such a great need.  There is plenty of counterfeit Christianity but not much true Gospel being spread.  Pray we can see a change.

Ministry Need

We are hoping this new year brings in at least $300 of new supporters that will go toward ministry expenses.  Several have mentioned their plan of taking us on in the new year, and we pray they will be financially able.  We have more financial opportunities than we originally anticipated and are excited about the new church plants in 2014.

Prayer Request

  • For Amy and I to learn the Xhosa language
  • New church plant opening in February
  • Students in the Bible Institute
  • Spiritual and numerical growth in all the churches
  • For our family during the Christmas season


  • We will learn the Xhosa language.
  • The kids are enjoying their summer break and looking forward to a visit from their grandparents in just 2 weeks.
  • We are planning a trip in February to survey one of the largest cities here in South Africa-  Cape Town.

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