Dear Boston (by Trent Cornwell)

I find the story of Arabic Bible Outreach to be one of the most exciting stories in missions. It illustrate the role and potential of a “Sender” perfectly. The director for this conference will be one of the speakers at the Kanisa Conference, March 13th -15th, at Vision Baptist Church. I greatly look forward to meeting with him and learning more about how A.B.O.M. came to be.

Out of respect for the directors need for privacy, I will only refer to him as Michael. Here is the story as I know it. In the early 90s Michael, while living near Boston, became very burdened for arabic speaking, Muslim neighbors. Michael had grown up in Lebanon and knew the great need for the Gospel to be shared with the muslim world. Through much effort and sleepless nights he puts the Bible online in Arabic. From what I remember he is the first to have done this.

Michael makes up some business cards with the link to the site printed on it and shares it with arabic speaking people in his neighborhood. His prayer was that in the privacy of their own homes that might read God’s Word and becomes followers of Jesus. Something he could not have really predicted began to happen. He began to get dozens, then hundreds, and eventually thousands of hits around the world!!

Over the years he has created a series of sites to help share the Gospel and disciple arabic speaking people. He partners with missionaries living in arabic speaking countries to deliver this glorious message to those seeking in other countries. My heart almost leaps out of my chest as I picture this man during his off hours, he is an engineer, working to see this site become a reality. Then the smile upon his face as he received email after email of people starting to read the Word!

I wanted to share this story for two reasons. One, being it is just a fantastic story and worth knowing. Second, a couple of us will be meeting with Michael in a couple weeks to discuss the possibility of replicating this for the nearly 500 million Hindi speaking people of the world! Could you imagine hitting forward on an email and sending it to a missionary who lives in the same areas as some one who has requested a Bible study!!

We could use your help! To make this happen we are going to need people of varying talents to get on board. Would you please get on board with this in the early stages. Email me ( and let’s talk.


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