Cubed (by Ben Johnson)

There was a sign at a Jewish museum that had something like this printed on it:

“Don’t tell me you are a good Jew; Show me your grandchildren and I will tell you how good a Jew you are”

It is certainly a convicting thought. Parenting is one of those things that just does not seem to come easily. You are given your first child and there are no owners manuals for children. Parenting by default is more trial and error than anything else. The problem comes that we think how our children turn out determines what kind of job we did. But if we were to be honest, that sign at the museum shows what makes us a success.

The prophet Jonah experienced one of the greatest revivals we know about. He walks into Nineveh, tells them to repent and all over the city they do. They all turn to God and it was an incredible thing to behold. Jonah, of course, was unhappy about this. He hated the Assyrians for how they were a wicked people. He hated that God had saved them.

But the people of Nineveh’s repentance was not a lasting one. They seem to have known how they were on the edge of destruction and were spared but they forgot it. How do we know this? Because a little over 100 years later, a prophet named Nahum wrote and foretold the destruction of Nineveh. It only took the people of Nineveh 100 years to forget.

A question we must ask ourselves is not how will my kids turn out but how will my grand kids turn out? Am I instilling things into my children that they know they must pass down to their children.


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