Come East (by Jim Roberts)

Come East

There is a famous quote by Francis Xavier that says, “Tell the students to give up their small ambitions and come eastward to preach the gospel of Christ.”

I love this quote for 2 reasons: 1) It is a bold appeal to give your life for missions. 2) It is a plea for those that will, to come to the east.

I admit, I am passionate about both of these things. As a missionary that lives in India, I can tell you of the need first hand for the Gospel and for laborers and I echo Mr. Xavier’s appeal to come east. Specifically India.

Whatever you are doing with your life now, is probably not as important as you think it is. I know I can’t believe I said it either, but seriously. In the light of millions of people dying without God, is what you are doing really THAT important? Are you truly making a difference where you are for the cause of Christ? If you are, then praise the Lord, this blog is not for you, but if you can answer no to that question then maybe you should count the cost, give up your selfish ambitions and come to India. Why not?

Is being financially stable really that important? Is your safety and security you feel with your family members really that important?  Not when compared to what Christ has done for us.

Reason’s to give up your ambitions and come East!

1) God commands us to go, so why not India!

2) You get to serve Christ! What is better than that?

3) Indian people love to talk, are naturally inquisitive and give opinions on everything. So sharing the Gospel is a bit easier

4) You will be making a difference with your life

5) There really is not that much going on here in N. India. So the need is great for the Gospel and laborers

6) Your money goes farther than in a 1st world country

7) You get to learn an awesome Language!

8) The food is the best in the world

9) You will get to hangout with really cool people:) ( Ok maybe this isn’t a real reason!)


Of course there are more reasons, but these were just the first 8 that popped in my head.

You may say you are fine where you are and that is fine. To be honest, that is all between you and God. I have enough to worry about, without getting into your business.  I just want you to understand the need across the globe and especially here in India and to plead with you to consider giving your life for the cause of something greater than ourselves.


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