China’s Changing Population (by Ben Johnson)

As of today, China’s population is 1,384,694,199. This makes China the world’s most populous country. That number is hard to fathom but it is a constantly changing number and as time goes on, it will peak and finally begin to decline.

You may already know this but China has a one-child policy. This policy was put in place to help curb the growth of China’s population. The government believed that if left unchecked, the Chinese would grow too big. The population would cause too many social, economic and environmental problems to handle. Thus the policy was put in place.

Many Chinese may actually view that as a good thing. This is certainly anecdotal but many Chinese we met always commented on how China had too many people. But what will the effect of this policy be on China’s population? Has it been a good thing?

Well, in a word, no. China’s attempt to control the population has had negative side effects. Since the majority of Chinese want boys, girls are often aborted if known or abandoned. This has created an off-balance boy to girl ratio in China. The negative problems that have been a result of the policy have actually made the government look to end the policy sometime around 2020.

The way things stand now however, China’s days of being the world’s most populous country are numbered. The country will peak around 2030 with 1.45 billion people. The population from that point will begin to decline in number until 2050 when the country will no longer be the world’s most populous and India will take the top spot.

What we can take away from this is that China will continue to have many more lost people. The task truly is huge but we know that God can accomplish great things. Let us pray for laborers who will openly and boldly proclaim the message of salvation to this growing population.


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